Tantra in the 21st Century

Why has tantra resurfaced in the 21st century?

Before we begin learning about all the parts which make the ancient tantric system of self discovery complete, we must understand why we have the need for the healing properties of a practice with pre-biblical roots in this day and age.

In modern societies, many people have been shamed and/or disconnected from their sexuality and sensuality via religious and consumer-based channels, leading them to feel consistently dissatisfied and seeking for fulfillment elsewhere or trapped in a frustrating cycle of trying to do the right thing. These channels include the quieting of voices speaking on sexuality via the place of worship, the hustle and bustle of daily life which is required to survive in an extra competitive society, the fear of inadequacy internalized as a result of toxic marketing strategy, a lack of access to vibrant, wholesome foods required to maintain a healthy body, ignorance to methods of self nurturing required to know one’s self and one’s body on more deeply and more. Even much of Hindu literature alludes to a perception of humanity’s sexual nature as impure and this religion comes from the same land as Tantra and the Kama Sutra.

Where tantric wisdom comes in, is that the entirety of the human experience, including the animal impulses, often coined “lower vibrations” or “lower frequencies,” is in fact, divine. The expression of frustration, pain or dissatisfaction is a nurturing function. It is simply the messenger of something which needs your love and attention. But what is it?

Upon opening the heart and cultivating profound intimacy with oneself, the individual is allowed to explore their shadow, their animal, their psyche, all of it, with unconditional love and non-judgement which then allows each of us to meet another without fear, discomfort or judgement.

Did you know that science has discovered that the average person has 11 million pieces of information coming in at any given moment, however we’re only able to consciously process 40 items at a time? This is due to cognitive limitations, time constraints and finite information.

We carry many stories within us, subconsciously, collectively, as a human race which are not always in service to our greater good. These stories are delivered often through abusive channels, both subtly and sometimes all at once in your face. Those stories confuse us, strip us of our power and ownership of our life force. For women, it is often taught as restraint out of consideration for an immature male sexuality which cannot handle it’s complete attraction to the full bodied feminine archetypes and their associated natures. In men, it is often labeled deviant, a desire which is shameful. This same shame is often then projected back out into the world, however with all the information and provocation at our fingertips in the 21st century, we now have access to answers and ideas from distant times and cultures which honored that same primal force as magnificent, one to set free.

The beauty of sexuality unleashed is that sexual energy is the source of raw power from which all of creation is formed. When it is disentangled from false beliefs or old trauma-based patterns, it returns to it’s full force and potential.

This power unleashed has the ability to heal and transform the entire world and it has little to nothing to do with the act of sex as many people understand the act to be. In fact, it has much more to do with the purification of the human expression via mindful transmutation of the energy in the direction of the higher frequency aspects of being human, also known as the higher chakras.

What is transmutation? Transmutation is the act of consciously, with full and tender awareness, redirecting a feeling within which has previously done us disservice. We acknowledge it, we love it and ask it what it needs to be nurtured back to health and vitality. This same practice is that which influences the concept of “enlightenment.” When someone is truly healthy and fully in love and embracing of life, we often see a bright light shining through their eyes, as it their soul has transcended all darkness and bears light onto everyone and everything around them. This same concept of light can be found in the descriptions of many divine phenomenon from the angel’s halo, the saints aura, the purity of the Sufi’s heart and more…

Priests, monks and many celibate religious leaders throughout human history chose celibacy so that they may maintain a clear path from which to lead a world that had not yet fully realized it’s potential. Tantra, however, shows us the possibility of collective evolution through both celibacy, or brahmacharya, and the sacred union of two individuals unified in true love.

“When we have an earth shaking orgasm, how is that different from knowing God?”

In doing the work on oneself, we can release the mental, emotional and other limitations preventing us from attracting the love of our life, experiencing transcendent pleasure through intimacy, enjoying the present moment whether with others or completely alone, etc.

Many people drive themselves mad, allowing backlogged insecurities to run wild through their system without ever gaining true clarity on how those patterns are impacting their reality. The same goes for emotional wounds which have not been acknowledged, assessed and loved. Through embodiment work, we journey deep into the self on the gross and subtle planes in order to discover how old, unconscious mental and emotional patterns manifest in our bodies & souls, our love lives and in our general ability to cultivate intimacy with ourselves and others.

In doing this work, as a person changes from within, their external reality begins to shift little by little and then completely transform. It takes on a more authentic and inspiring shape, intention and ritual become anchors for creating a new life full of potential and creative energy becomes limitless.

This growth & healing does not happen overnight, however once progress has been made and a strong, cumulative foundation has been set by the individual, the development of intimacy with another person can begin. 

At this point, you might be questioning what tantra is. You might be skeptical that something so old with origins in “spirituality” could actually assist real world problems. Let’s put your mind at ease. Let’s first discover how science is now pointing towards what has been considered an epic truth throughout the ages: that everything is connected.

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