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Masterclasses designed for couples seeking to manifest their ideal relationship and individuals who want to transform old patterns into new tools.

Getting the Love & Intimacy You Want

Are you still yearning to create a more deeply loving, ecstatic relationship in your life, but feeling confused or tired from trying? If you’re done with all the excuses and resistance around your relationships with other people and yourself, this class will help you take your love to the next level.

Conscious Kink Mistress Class

Learn the power of emotionally attuned dominance, building trust and intimacy within healthy boundaries while addressing their shadow work deeply. The class covers topics such as consent practices, emotional and physical safety protocols, somatic exploration into sensuality, enabling participants to reach deeper states of personal, relational, and spiritual awareness.

All About Female Ejaculation

In some countries, it’s believed a woman isn’t fully sexually satisfied unless she’s squirting (also called ejaculation and amrita). This class covers the ins and outs of Female Ejaculation, from anatomy to technique to overcoming obstacles women often experience before accessing this beautiful form of pleasure.

Divine Union Couples Tantra and Relationship

This hybrid program is for couples who are looking for a breakthrough in intimacy & sexuality. You get to review the tools for overcoming emotional and energetic blocks to intimacy along with the proven practices that bring couples from stale, stagnant or sexless bedrooms to the kind of ecstasy and understanding that reinvigorates the entire relationship, from the inside out.


Syncing Two Souls $19

This is a simple and effective couples meditation to help couples learn to reconnect without words and understand the felt energy of love through breath, focus and touch. It can be used as a connective ritual every day or as a meditation before lovemaking.

Tantric Surrender and Release $19

Are you ready to experience a cosmic release? Using breath and awareness of the chakras, this Tantric meditation is one that will help you release stress and tune into your sensuality. This meditation is beneficial for individuals and couples.

Womb Massage and Sensual Awakening $19

Our wombs are a place of power and magnetism, portals that connect us directly to spirit. They're the wisdomkeepers of the natural cycles we're all a part of and the sensuality we seek. if it's time to get better connected to your womb, your sensuality and your life force energy, this meditation will guide you to release stagnant emotions and open up to your feminine lusciousness.

Yoni Crystal Eggs and wands from pure & ethical sources

All of our products are made with no additives, chemicals or oils. The majority of traditional shaping processes with gems and minerals involves using low-grade oils that are toxic when used internally in the body. The mineworkers and owners are not thinking about if crystals will be used internally because usually, they aren’t! The time it takes to shape our eggs and wands without the use of oils is 2-3 times longer than those that use oils.

We also work directly with our mines to verify that the crystals are being sustainably harvested from mother earth and that all mine workers are treated well and paid fairly. The pouch that holds the crystal is also high quality; all organic bamboo/cotton blend vegan suede fabric naturally dyed and printed with selenite crystal infused ink . Our pouches are hand-made in Bali with lots of love and we work closely with the families that make them. This is a conscious choice to offer fully sustainable, ethical, organic products. Each crystal also comes with a beautiful and detailed full-color 40-page guidebook.

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Getting What You Want Out of Love & Intimacy

For people dating, in a relationship or somewhere in between…

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Stop letting your competing priorities, the growing distance between you and your urge to prevent or protect yourself from future pains keep you feeling lonely, frustrated and scared. Revive connection, trust and deep satisfaction in your relationship again!