Conscious Kink Mistress Class


Sacred Sexuality has existed for thousands of years and yet, many are still unfamiliar with the healing potentials it carries.

This Mistress Class is a workshop dedicated to bridging kink and sacred sexuality to bring you closer to connection and pleasure. Your sensuality is your birthright. In Mistress Class, participants can learn the power of emotionally attuned dominance, building trust and intimacy within healthy boundaries while addressing their shadow work deeply.

Conscious Kink covers topics such as consent practices, emotional and physical safety protocols, somatic exploration into sensuality, enabling participants to reach deeper states of personal, relational, and spiritual awareness.

By learning the differences between patriarchal-style dominance which perpetuates oppression, versus emotionally attuned dominance which empowers both parties equally through mutual respect and understanding – Trish Wright’s Attuned Dominance takes on new dimensions.

Join the Mistress Class today to explore Sacred Sexuality and find out how BDSM can be both connected and sacred!