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 Learn to create couples intimacy retreats from successful, real life experience! Starting July 16th, 2024.

Level up your practice and offerings to be able to better serve clients and enhance your income!


Imagine - learning and sharing esoteric philosophy with people who have an appetite for deep inquiry.

Imagine immersing yourself in deep philosophical discussions with individuals hungry with profound inquiry. Are you a yoga teacher, therapist, or coach? You may feel your voice blends in with the typical tone of others in your field.

Perhaps you're someone feeling constrained by your current income and yearning to advance your career, reputation, and service to others while earning a generous income. You aspire to provide your clients/students with greater inspiration, vitality, and satisfaction in all areas of life but sense your toolkit is incomplete.

You're eager to infuse your practice with the Eastern esoterics of energy and intimacy, which have liberated countless individuals from unnecessary suffering. You stand out by embodying cutting-edge practices and effectively communicating opportunities for change to inspire potential clients effortlessly.

I understand your dilemma.

In recent years, many have become coaches, yet few are equipped to address the deep-rooted obstacles people face in their bodies. You've likely heard of concepts like Tantra and polarity but struggle to find truly paradigm-shifting and trustworthy sources for learning.

Finding a reliable, affordable,  certified course that includes comprehensive education in Tantra along with practical marketing and business tools seems daunting. After over a decade of compiling experiences and teachings, I am now offering a special Yoga Alliance certified training package to help you step into your life's work with clarity, conviction, and empowerment.

This unique program combines tantra, energetic healing techniques, Western coaching structure, and somatic release methods that have transformed thousands of lives. You will learn master-level healing techniques and gain wisdom to help your clients overcome challenges sustainably.

Stand out in the field with greater ease and unshakable confidence.

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Illuminate & Differentiate

Watch people's love lives (and every other aspect of their lives) transform in front of your eyes; walk away knowing you helped your clients achieve amazing results that are worth the price you're asking.

This is a living body of work that teaches professionals how to help individuals and couples go more deeply into themselves in order to more deeply connect with others, from a perspective that is not commonly found in mainstream therapy and originating from my highly successful retreat experience. The most important factor is that the facilitators first begin to implement and understand or embody certain practices in order to live in alignment with this philosophy and therefore are more easily able to transmit the wisdom from their own, unique and highly valuable experience.

Tap into your unique genius and relatability to your clientele

The Living Body

The Living Body 30 hour Coaching Program for Yoga teachers, couples coaches and therapists

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Inside The Living Body Hybrid Coaching Program (Yoga Alliance certified), you will receive 30+ hours of intensive training through online group sessions as well as lifetime access to exclusive relationship enhancing materials, plus worksheets and exercises you can come back to over and over again to deepen your understanding of the intimacy blueprint of tantric yoga for a lifetime.

Through one-to-one mentorship calls with me, Ashley, you will recieve personalized guidance to support your unique needs and aspirations for your own journey as a relationship guide or yoga practictioner.

Through my coaching experience, I have found that most individuals benefit from a combination of live group, one on one personalised coaching calls alongside online supplementary resources and so this holistic package is curated to equip you with a comprehensive educational intimacy toolkit that you can bring into your practice whenever, wherever.

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What makes this program special?

This program combines the affordability of group sessions with the precision guidance of tailored mentoring calls, offering the best of both worlds.

By the end of this course, you'll feel confident, empowered, and more abundant, knowing you're making a significant impact on the world.

Trust in the investment you're making and the knowledge you're receiving - that it isn't coming from someone who is just trying to make money in the coaching world, but from someone who has actually helped hundreds of couples and individuals create deep and lasting change!

Before you know it, your business takes off, and suddenly, you're in a flow of abundant client bookings and exciting, exotic retreat details. It's a dream come true!

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  • Learn the skills and practices people pay big bucks to receive improve their relationships, for good. Get a step ahead of everyone else in the field by having integral knowledge with origins in the East & West!
  • Take the tried and true techniques into your own practices, and integrate them seamlessly to revive and enhance your offerings.
  • Learn how to structure retreats, write the necessary content to stand out and plan intro calls for optimal results.
  • Learn everything I've learned: Traditional Tantra straight from India, focused on energy instead of eroticism, then learn about ecstatic states, trauma informed approaches, knowing why, how and when to change retreat plans with a moment's notice, physical intimacy practices, individual and couples meditations and so much more...
  • And, if you want to go even deeper, join in on an optional Skills Application Retreat where we spend 4 days diving into these new tools together in paradise

The Living Body Curriculum

Get access to lectures, a wealth of resources and one-to-one mentor sessions with me. Book your first call, introduce yourself and personal goals through a questionnaire so you can get started as soon as you sign up! You lifetime access to get 30+ hours of material to absorb including access to group classes and two one on one calls with me to help personalize your results. You will recieve a Yoga Alliance recognized certificate upon completion.


The next start date is July 16th, 2024.


Module 01

Tantric Philiosophy Foundation

An introduction to the philosophy and science behind tantra and the transcendental experiences once can invoke through creating Tantric Ritual in their relationships and lives. This module will help you understand why Tantra is such a powerful healing modality for one's love life and what Western science is beginning to realize about the interconnected nature of all sentient life, along with research-backed theories and exercises for making the most of our time together here on Planet Earth.

We'll cover the basics of Non-duality and unity consciousness, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and The Ecstatic Body


Module 02

Tantric Physiology

In this module, we cover some of Taoist sexology, energy lines, the importance of opening and purification of the energy body in order to create heightened experiences, reproductive anatomy in general and properties of the chakras. We'll also discuss the felt difference between the physical body and energy body, how pleasure is manifested differently between the two and how pleasure can heal.




Techniques and Rituals of Tantra


Here, I will introduce a series of individual and couples practices, including Tantric trance meditation, heart centered couples meditations, the principles of individual healing as I have thus far understood it's nature, Kundalini Tantra breathwork and Neo-Tantra excercises that couples can use in foreplay or as individual rituals outside of traditional penetrative intimacy to supercharge the libido and revive desire.


Trauma Informed Approach & Branding your business

In this module, we cover the importance of what it takes to be both financially successful and ethical & responsible for the impact generated through this work. The two come together. We will review the precautions a practitioner should take to ensure they are the most prepared possible for clients coming in with traumatic backgrounds, along with how trauma manifests in differennt individuals, how to approach sensitive topics and how to create successful introductory calls with your client's wellbeing in mind.


Additionally, we will review the basics of creating an exceptional couples retreat experience anywhere in the world, and will have a live Q&A session.


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When you join the Living Body 6 Week Hybrid
Coaching Program for Yoga instructors and relationship coaches you receive:

  • Lifetime access to 30+ hours of highly valuable deep diving classes covering Tantra & beyond
  • An abundance of worksheets and exercises you can come back to over and over again to deepen your practice, connection with self and mastery of client experiences
  • Two 45 minute calls with Ashley to support your unique professional goals, needs and desires
  • Access to all of my online programs at 50% off to further support your personal and professional journey

And last but not least, upon full completion of the course, a certification from Yoga Alliance, the world's most respected yoga authority on qualifying professionals in the field of wellness.

Start Your Journey


  • Two 45 min individual mentoring calls
  • Lifetime access to 30+ hours of educational content that will supercharge your practice & career
  • Lifetime access to recorded meditations, worksheets and materials
  • 6 weeks of group classes that are recorded so you can study on your schedule
  • Yoga Alliance Cderification upon completion of the program
  • 50% off on all of Ashley Encantada online courses
  • More to be announced...


Are you ready to take your results to the next level and experience deeper professional satisfaction? Are you ready for your work to become infused with joy and a sense of abundance!?

about me
About me straight

Hi, I’m Ashley Encantada

As an Holistic Intimacy & Relationship Coach, my mission is to help passionate individuals unlock their true potential for love - one that is liberating, stimulating and as ecstatic as possible.

Internationally sought out by people with big minds and bold hearts, I’ve helped neuroscientists, brain surgeons, psychotherapists, highly distinguished entrepreneurs and CEOs, CPAs and more create and maintain lasting, higher quality love and intimacy. I studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies and have trained in transformation and psychology of change, Kundalini Tantra & Hatha Yoga, Neo Tantra, been through Shamanic initiations and more.

If you’ve read down this far on the page without submitting an application you’re either not the perfect fit, you're questioning whether this will actually work or you’re nervous to make the leap. I know it's not a small investment.

I want you to know that if your intuition is screaming “YES!” but your body is scheming up all the reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t join us, that this is completely normal. If you’ve just found a reason why now isn’t the time or you're scared of what this might bring up for you, I get it. I've been there.

If you're a coach and you're tired of signing of for packages that just don't hit the spot, I want you to know that this course is infused with value and lived experience, and that I am ready to help you on a one to one basis in order to make sure you experience the most benefits possible.

If you're a therapist, you really need to decide whether you want to equip yourself with this cutting edge information, and whether doing so will positively impact your clients. Therapists I have worked with have been astounded by these teaching in their personal lives and now send me referrals.

If you're a yoga teacher looking to make your next career move, know that I've been there and you shouldn't invest in just any training program. You should only invest in a program that is comprehensive, will set you up for success and feels in alignment with what you've come to realize you're here to do on the planet. If it isn't this course, I hope you find the one!

The introductory call is for discussing and discovering anything you may need in order to make a sound and sure decision. A call is not a commitment, and so invite you to book one if you're curious.


With love,