Sexual Reclamation and Tantric Healing

Does the word sex excite you and repel you simultaneously?

It may be that you’ve had so many underwhelming experiences between
the sheets that you are no longer in tune with that deep desire. Maybe you’ve
never actually felt it because you never learned about the pleasures which
await to be reclaimed through full feminine erotic expression.

What does that even mean?

You know how when we see supermodels rock the runway or #bosswomen call
the shots from the apex of their power? That’s not it, but that feeling you sense
they might have is the erotic prowess within you which is yearning to come out.
Exploring the sex goddess within you holds the keys to what turns you on and
keeps you there, all day long.

Would you like to meet her?

Five years ago, I sold all my possessions and left my glamorous partying
lifestyle in LA to pursue studies in an ancient wisdom tradition called tantra, and
while you might immediately associate it with the Kama Sutra in your mind,
especially if you’re a Westerner, you may be shocked to know that tantra itself
is a way of living that has the potential to bring out your finest gifts and treasures
in the bedroom, but more importantly, in every aspect of your life.

So why is it so often associated with sex?

Sexual energy is the primary source of what is also often referred to as your life
source energy, or qi, prana, what have you. Because, for the most part, as young
people, we were taught to associate feelings of shame, guilt, fear or impurity (sin)
with sex, this very same energy encountered a sort of stunt in growth. This is often
called a “blockage” in the energy healing community and that is because, often, these harsh
feelings are stored in your physical body as tighness of muscle, differentiation in
posture from what might be healthiest (think of how people resort to fetal position
when feeling attacked, afraid or unloved) and sometimes even end up in disabling conditions
or severe manifestations of illness.

What would unleashing my sex goddess unlock?

Having been subjected to many years of top down control over our sexual power and nature,
the first step to healing is the reclamation of power and, in this instance, because your health is
directly correlated to your sexual energy and power, we seek to release these feelings you’ve most
likely held onto for a lifetime in order to activate your natural vitality levels which, as a result,
both influence and upgrade your ability to relate with ease and pleasure to any aspect of your life,
be it work, love relations and even the mundane.

How would it influence intimacy and sexual pleasure?

Through doing this deeper emotional, spiritual and physical healing work, you rediscover parts of
yourself that were closed down, shut off, trapped or otherwise quieted. Once these aspects are
identified, the next step is to reintegrate and create support systems in your life that reinforce their
presence. As you begin to work more closely with yourself, you begin to develop more intimacy with
yourself, your past and your genetic lineage, not to mention the collective human consciousness.

As an end result of cultivating greater intimacy with yourself, you become clearer on what it is you
want at the very core of your being. The blocks are released, the energy is flowing and so you are,
too, both in intimate relations and elsewhere.

Imagine feeling so whole, free and in love with yourself that you attract the very same in a mate.
Imagine then, how turned on you both will be when standing in your very vulnerable and transparent
truths, fully accepting and loving of one another, body, mind, heart and soul.

Are you ready to set your most erotic self free and end the patterns that are sabotaging your
potential to experience more bliss?

If so, I want to work with you.

You can find more information on Ashley Encantada’s Tantric Healing practices here.