The Nine Most Romantic Activities in Sayulita

Sayulita is, without a doubt, a romantic destination. With its expansive beaches, tropical weather & lush jungle greenery, beautiful sights and fantastic culinary options abound, it’s no wonder Sayulita is a popular wedding and romantic getaway destination. And, for the more adventurous romantics, there are plenty of adventures and activities to raise the heartbeat and fill each day with zest & inspiration.

Below is a list of fun and romantic activities for couples in Sayulita…

Dinner at Don Pedro’s

The elegant atmosphere at Don Pedro’s is a perfect complement to the ocean view setting and creates an outstanding romantic dining experience in Sayulita, all year long. Don Pedro’s has an extensive menu including everything from deliciously prepared Arrachera & Lobster to plenty of vegetarian options and classic cocktails with a twist.

Dine with your feet in the sand in the beach zones or in the well lit, open air dining room where salsa dancing classes are also held weekly during high season. Regardless of where you sit, an ocean view is guaranteed along with the sound of waves crashing. Depending on your timing, you may hear local musicians performing or enjoy the sunset over Punta Sayulita as the color of the sky faces into purple and pink hues.

What makes Don Pedro’s even better is that people can expect service even if showing up in flip flops (do make sure you’re wearing a shirt, though!). Sayulita is really a casual boutique resort destination with a big surfing community and fair share of expat retirees who are here to relax and have fun and that is evident in the local dining dress code.

Private Massage at Amor Hotel’s Jungle & Ocean Spas

Amor Boutique Hotel is unique for a variety of reasons and if you’re not staying there, booking a couples massage in the Jungle or Ocean Spa is a wonderful way to experience the romance of the property while also getting some pampering.

With mystical touches and natural delights, Amor Hotel’s property evokes feelings of magic and wonderment while the intimate spaces provide romantic inspiration. Walking onto their property feels like stepping into a luxury jungle oasis, away from the downtown Sayulita crowds. Enjoy the peaceful luxury of their various services, including massages, aromatherapy, different facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and more.

Plan on taking your time at Amor Hotel, and maybe even checking out their equally as romantic Si Senor oceanside restaurant after your treatment for a variety of delicious meals and drinks. It’s the kind of property where one could easily spend a full day indulging.

A Beach Hike & Picnic at Secluded Beaches

Sayulita has a variety of beaches to enjoy, including two expansive and quite secluded beaches. Carricitos beach is to the West of Sayulita and is reachable by a 20-30 minute combined walk & hike. It has tidepools and plenty of nooks to tuck away in with a lover and usually no more than 10-15 other adventurous beach lovers on this one kilometer stretch of sunny, soft sands.

Malpaso is a fantastic beach for those who prefer a slightly stronger hike through jungly hills and because it’s even more secluded than Carricitos, it’s even less populated and nude friendly. Yes, a nude-optional beach exists in Sayulita, although technically it isn’t legal in Mexico, so strip at your own risk! Malpaso offers ample shady spots along it’s 1.3 kilometers of beach which make it easy to escape the midday sun, too.

Leaving for either beach around 10:30am is recommended to arrive and enjoy yourselves before having a few bites and to avoid the potentially intense heat later in the afternoon, especially at Carricitos. You also don’t want to get caught on either hike after sunset as both hikes require taking paths that have no lighting. A picnic is an easy and romantic addition to either beach hike. Just grab a backpack full of food, a light beach blanket and a couple filled reusable water bottles and you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable day trip!

Stargazing on Sayulita Beach

Imagine sitting on the beach on a balmy evening, listening to the waves crashing and trying to identify constellations while wrapped up in a big beach blanket together. Pack a bottle of wine and a couple cups if you fancy and start a bonfire for a deluxe experience.

There’s a space on the north side of the beach, past the turtle sanctuary, just beside a big log that is perfect for sitting on, which is ideal for bonfires. There are often rocks arranged to mark the spot, and you can always create your own pit.

On a really clear night, the stars are very visible and super captivating. Check the weather around the time of your trip and plan for this on a cloud-free night in Sayulita.

Private Couples Tantra Massage Workshop

I had to mention tantra because, well, that’s a huge part of what I do here! Let me lead you on a sensual journey with a trance meditation and Five Elements Massage followed by personalized guidance on how to activate ecstatic states of consciousness and energetic arousal between one another.

With years of experience guiding singles and couples through esoteric erotic practices, my offeirngs such as candlelit sensoriums which activate all your senses for deeper embodiment & pleasure and Ecstatic Acitvation for energetic awakening paired with sensual massage instruction are provided with expertise and your privacy & comfort in mind.

Book a two hour session in the afternoon and order room service beforehand, because once you start this journey together, you won’t want to leave your suite! I am available for retreat experiences, two hours sessions and more in Sayulita, Mexico.

Private Boat Tours to Marieta Islands or Yelapa

There are many boat tours available in the Bahia de Banderas area of Mexico, which encompasses Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita, San Francisco (San Pancho) and more. Some of the best boating resources in Sayulita, specifically, are on the Sayulita Life website.

If you and your partner are on the active site and love diving, Marieta Islands is the best destination for diving in the area and has a hidden beach which is the perfect setting for couples photos and a little space to yourselves. Boating to Yelapa is great if the idea of walking through a safe, charming and small fishing village to a beautiful waterfall then finishing the excursion with fresh seafood by the beach sounds ideal.

The journey to Yelapa is a bit further than Marieta Islands, so plan for a longer day out if you choose the island journey. If you like fishing, you may consider chartering a boat with a captain knowledgeable in the local fishing experiences.

Visit the Petroglyph Complex 

About an hour outside of Sayulita is a Petroglyph Complex which has proven difficult to date but is still used as a ceremony site by the local indigenous, the Huichol tribe. The complex contains over 2000 drawings in the 80 hectares of land it resides in.

It is said that the drawings would have served to communicate with the Gods and the Huichol now leave offerings for the “Mother of All Gods,” Nakahue and the Tatevari, the protector and “Grandfather Fire.” If you and your partner love learning about the sacred practices of old, this is a must see while in the state of Nayarit. 

Horseback Riding through the Jungle and Beaches

This is an obvious choice for couples who love horses or are inspired to try riding for the first time. Enjoy a horseback riding experience in the jungle beach paradise of Sayulita around sunset and create a romantic experience & memory that will last a lifetime.

Horseback riding through the beaches or jungle paths of Sayulita can be a fun surprise gift for your partner. If you’re staying in Puerto Vallarta, make an experience out of it and book a horseback riding experience with a picnic at sunset like this one.

Sunset at San Francisco (San Pancho)

San Pancho is Sayulita’s quieter and less densely populated little brother. It has the better vantage point for catching surreal sunset’s and plenty of sweet dining spots for a romantic dinner afterwards.

You can hike over to San Francisco, affectionately called San Pancho, stopping through Malpaso beach on the way, or take a taxi or bus there using the main roads, too. Making a relaxing day trip out of it is easy if you both like to shop, wander and try new foods. 

The atmosphere in San Pancho is just as casual, warm and friendly as Sayulita, if not a little more bohemian. It’s even common to find other visitors who are willing to share a taxi ride back to Sayulita at the local park.