Seven Reasons a Couples Retreat is Better than Counseling Sessions

It’s almost 2022. Couples counseling has been around for a long time now, AND that’s a great thing! However, being the innovators that we are, the humans who’ve made it their work in the world to serve and help repair relationships, marriages and sex lives have come up with something that takes the relationship counseling and healing experience to the next level: Couples Counseling Retreats. These specialized retreats come in many forms. Below, I share the benefits of booking a marriage or couples counseling retreat instead of going the traditional weekly counseling session route. Dive in and discover the benefits for your nervous system, your communication, your sex life and your schedule!

Why Marriage Retreats Are Better for Couples in Crisis

Because many couples resort to the help of couples counseling later, and because a marriage or relationship retreat is such an intensive experience, it is ultimately the best option to quickly and comprehensively work on couples skill building, intimacy coaching and marriage repair & enrichment.

Imagine spending three to four days in a tropical paradise focusing on your marriage or relationship with a relationship coach right by your side every day. This experience would provide many months of counseling over the course of a romantic, long weekend getaway leaving you both deeply nourished, refreshed and more connected than ever before.

An intensive relationship or marriage retreat can provide you with the skills necessary to stop the fighting, return to love and rebuild trust after it’s all been pushed aside for too long. In fact, I have helped couples come back to love and great intimacy after many years in a high conflict, sexless marriage.

If you want to rekindle the passion and rebuild trust & connection in your marriage and you feel like you’re in crisis, a marriage counseling retreat is the best possible option.

“My husband and I signed up for a private retreat with Ashley to stimulate growth, healing, and intimacy in our relationship. Ashley was laser focused on quickly and effectively guiding us toward identifying our issues and supplying us with tools that set us up for long term relationship and intimacy success. Through this workshop we were able to firmly but lovingly alter our relationship dynamic and open ourselves up to previously unattainable levels of vulnerability and truth individually and collectively. If you are looking for a wholistic mental, emotional, and physical boost for yourself and your relationship, I highly recommend working with Ashley.”
— Phaedra Y

Experience a Romantic Couples Getaway While Enriching Your Relationship

Looking for a romantic winter getaway or a couples spiritual or yoga retreat in an exotic destination? While Bora Bora may be a bit of a stretch, a romantic four day couples getaway in Mexico could completely transform your relationship. Have a look at my Couples Retreat 2022 Packages here.

You see, one of the greatest aspects of taking a couples retreat is that you can work on improving your marriage, relationship or sexual intimacy and do it all in a beautiful vacation destination! Why settle for the humdrum of a dry office setting or create more Zoom fatigue when you can book a vacation and come out stronger and more in love?

Consider booking spa services during your couples counseling or intimacy and retreat and create more wellness and vibrancy in your life as individuals and as a couple. Indulge yourselves in the destressing environment of a romantic destination and a spa package or other special treatments to really ensure you come out of your marriage enrichment retreat on cloud nine.

Couples Intensive Retreats Offer More Healing, Repairing and Learning in a Shorter Overall Time Span

Many married and committed couples are pressed for time in their day to day life. This detail, in fact, is often a key element in the conflict and stress we face in our intimate relationships. Taking a scheduled break for three or four days (plus a little travel time) can reveal all sorts of opportunities for enhancing connection and creating the calm spaciousness that relationships really need in order to thrive.

Couples retreats with me include a combination of partnered and individual exercises that provide both people ample opportunity for personal and joint exploration of love, life and sexuality. Plus, stepping into these one of a kind retreats creates the style of intensive container required to help soothe your nervous systems and bring you both back to inner balance and harmony, which can only help nurture and foster the kind of interpersonal growth required to refresh your relationship for good.

Creating the opportunity to learn relationship skills then put them into practice to solve real conflict and challenges over the course of multiple days, back to back, helps us better and more deeply implement them into our minds and behavioral patterns without the daily distractions and stressors which can so easily cause us to lose track of our intentions and growth. Plus, each couples retreat package with me includes a follow up session to help determine whether more support may be required through individual sessions.

A Private Couples or Marriage Retreat is Custom Fit for You

The opportunity to experience a couples retreat with a certified and qualified relationship and intimacy coach that is custom crafted, just for your marriage or relationship, is a unique approach to healing and relationship repair. Unlike group retreats (which are great in some cases, such as for lovers’ getaways or only learning new techniques), private and customized relationship retreats with me can cover a range of needs and desires for repair and growth in a relationship.

In a custom retreat with a relationship and intimacy coach, you can expect receive more guidance through conflict resolution, learn more about your individual opportunities for growth with individual and couples coaching and counseling, address common intimacy challenges like mismatched libido and painful sexual intercourse, pinpoint any issues preventing feelings of deeper intimate connection and learning how to communicate feelings, needs and desires in a way that feels great for your and  your partner.

I bring experiences of hosting Tantra workshops and facilitating couples coaching for people from around the world into my precision designed relationship and intimacy retreats in Sayulita, Mexico and anywhere else in the world you may desire. 

Affordable Couples Retreats in Mexico Are a Great Option

There are plenty of couples retreats and couples counselors in the United States, but many of the retreats cost a lot and the affordable ones are not usually private! Booking a couples retreat in Mexico can be more affordable because the cost of food and accommodation is less expensive.

An intensive retreat can be more affordable than the cost of as many hours of couples therapy, too. Even more, an intensive marriage retreat provides more bang for your buck and your time because you are held responsible for your homework and practice between each daily or twice daily session, and you have the ongoing support of a coach on a back to back basis.  Check out the pricing and details of couples intensive retreats near Puerto Vallarta in the FAQ section of the retreats page.

Make It a Couples Tantra Retreat and Take Your Intimate Life to the Next Level

Combining Tantra Yoga and Shamanic Breathwork with more traditional approaches to couples counseling, such as Gottman inspired methods of conflict meditation and Non-Violent Communication approaches to developing the emotional intelligence and consideration between a couple is something I take pride in offering for anyone interested in the methods, practices and philosophy of Tantra. You can learn more about how Tantra serves us as individuals and couples on my Couples Retreat Package page or discover the Top Tantric Tips for Better Sexual Intimacy here.

Some couples are looking for a getaway meant to enhance their erotic connection with one another or for something that offers a taste of tantric sex practices in a private workshop environment, and providing this dynamic is one of my unique specialties. If you are looking for access to more transcendent states through tantric lovemaking, I have successfully coached many couples through steps towards bliss in Tantric Union, even while still fully clothed!

The benefits of adding Tantric practices to a relationship retreat also include healing painful sex or anorgasmia for women, addressing common issues such as mismatched libido and even addressing erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation. 

If you are curious to learn more about my custom Tantra retreats, or are interested in some combination of the above, I welcome you to submit your details here.

Investing in Your Relationship Before it Suffers is the Best Approach

Many couples don’t realize how beneficial it can be to invest in the health, depth and well being of the relationship early on versus waiting for challenges to arise. A couples retreat can simply be treated as a lovers’ getaway – time spent just focused on building the intimacy, rhythm and communication skills required for long term success.

Couples or marriage enrichment retreats can serve as the sprinkles and the filling of the cake, so to speak. In a marriage enrichment retreat, we focus on activities and practices that deepen love, understanding and connection – all of which prevent conflict from taking the reins of a relationship in the future.

Love, marriage and relationships are a dance! Knowing your partners strengths, goals, needs, preferences and style in communication, sexual intimacy and life in general can provide you with the stability, insight and reinforcement to see you through any storm life serves up!

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